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All About Property Taxes in Santa Clarita

Property taxes are how Santa Clarita funds its schools, buses, emergency services, parks, recreational services, libraries, and other vital city functions. As you can imagine, the city has a vested interest in keeping property values high, ensuring a healthy tax base, which creates a well-funded city. A recent story from The Signal reported that Santa Clarita ranks in the top 25 most financially healthy cities in California, so as far as property taxes go, our city is doing well.

(However, that doesn’t necessarily mean property taxes are more expensive. Los Angeles County’s average property tax is lower than the California average, which in turn is lower than the national average.)

Property taxes are calculated by the county assessor’s office, which decides how much a given property is worth. In California, property assessment is “event-based,” so it only happens when a home is newly built, or when there is a change in ownership. As a result, the longer you live in your home, the more you save on property taxes. However, the amount you pay may increase, but only if Santa Clarita raises the property tax.

How to Find Out How Much Property Tax Is in Santa Clarita

If you’re interested in a home and want to know how much a current owner might pay in property taxes, you can find recent tax payments in a few easy steps.

  1. First, visit the LA County assessor’s website here.
  2. Go to the assessor’s map and input the address of the home you’re considering.
  3. Copy or write down the Assessor’s ID Number (AIN).
  4. In the info box labeled “[Year] Roll Values,” click the link labeled “[Year] Annual taxes.”
  5. You’ll be asked to agree to the site’s terms, then you’ll input the AIN number in the box.
  6. Click “Inquiry Only,” and you’ll be able to see how much the most recent tax bill was.

If you want to know more about navigating property taxes in Santa Clarita, speak with Santa Clarita realtor, Chase Gentry today: call (661) 888-4493 or contact us online!